At OLSON every putter is made to order. Everything from the selection of the materials all the way to the wrapping and boxing of your custom order is done in house. Every product made is of the finest materials available. Hand picked and selected all in the USA.

Putter Head Reference Drawings

After custom orders have been submitted please recognize that all orders are final. Once production has begun it is extremely difficult to implement changes as certain operations follow a specific order. If you would like to make changes to your order, your original agreed upon order will be voided and a new order and lead time will need to be put into place. As more and more orders are moved through the shop it becomes exceedingly difficult to keep up with additional changes after orders have been finalized. Keeping in mind, I want to make sure to build your putter to suit your exact vision, however- having to cross check every text, instant message, voicemail, etc. for changes makes it extremely difficult to keep everything organized. Please make every effort to have all decisions made at the time of order submission for easier reference and faster turnover of your custom piece. Thanks so much for your consideration and understanding with this. I cannot wait to get started on your putter!!